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Custom design, high strength trays for more efficient processing speeds and reduced tray costs. Australian made, and used by the worldwide confectionery industry since 1974.

Confectionery Trays

CME Starch Mogul Trays are made from high strength composite material, providing extended service life without repair or replacement.

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Pharmaceutical Trays

Designed to maximise airflow for thorough drying of soft gel capsules.

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Gum Trays

CME Trays are an ideal solution for gum products. Along with their strength, durability and ability to handle a wide range of temperatures their unique design allows optimal airflow over the product and improved stacking to reduce drying space.

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The MyPalâ„¢ Pallet is manufactured from advance composite innovation, achieving the features of plastic and the durability of timber pallets.

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40+ years experience.

Worldwide exports to over 40 countries.

Compatibility with all major Mogul brands.

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Superior Manufacture

Manufactured from long fibre, compressed fibre reinforced trays for enormous strength.

Chemically inert material.

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Food & Drug Safety

CME Trays fully comply with FDA and EEC food contact standards EC10/2011.

CME holds quality accreditations ISO9001 .

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Customer Service

Above all else is our commitment to provide outstanding service.

A full time customer service team to ensure we meet.


Worldwide Exports