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About Us

CME Trays are manufactured by Composite Materials Engineering (CME), a specialist manufacturer of “Composite Materials”.

CME Trays headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, leads the world in the manufacture, design and quality systems of compression-mould, long glass fibre composite materials. It applies its expertise in Composite Materials Technology across many industries including the Food Processing, Automotive, Public Transport, Building, Electrical and Industrial Sectors.

Trays for the food processing industry have been a core product for CME over 30 years and we have exported to over 40 countries and forged relationships with the major mogul manufacturers.

Our philosophy is to be the leader in composite materials and to develop the technology to ensure the most technologically up to date materials solutions available in the world.

Why select a CME Tray

Composite Materials are stronger, more impact resistant, less likely to distort than timber or ordinary plastic materials. At CME we further assure the quality of our composites by manufacturing our raw materials in-house. That’s why a composite CME Tray is your best long term choice for food processing trays.

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Manufacturing from 3 locations ensures the ability to meet tight deadlines and large quantities.

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Technical Services

CME has its own materials laboratory.

Engineering services include CAD systems and tooling design.

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Customer Service

We provide one-on- one customer service to provide plant specific solutions.

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Raw Material Supply

To ensure quality we manufacture our own raw materials.